2011 KPIT Cummins Placement Paper:

1. To 15 lts of water containing 20% alcohol, we add 5 lts of pure water. What is % alcohol.

Ans : 15%

2. Appu received the salary in Sunday. In Monday he expenses th of his salary. In Tuesday he expenses 2/3 rd of his remaining salary. What parts of salary are left?

Ans : 1/4 th

3. Some simple problems from Blood Relations.

4. There were 5 questions from data Sufficiency. Like, Statement : A number is divisible by 12.
Data : (1)It is divisible by 3
(2)It is divisible by 4
A. Data (1) along sufficient.
B. Data (2) along sufficient.
C. Both (1) and (2) are required.

5. A person traveled 4 sides of the triangle with speed of a 100, 200, 300, 400 km/hr. what is the average speed of the whole journey.

Ans 192 km/hr.

6. How many times 3 occur from 3 to 3333. A=1, B=1. do 5 times and find the value of A.

Add 1 to B.
A * B.
Assign this result to A.

Ans 720

7. mahua gets his salary on sunday. She spends a quarter of her salary on monday and 2/3 of the remaining on tuesday. How much of her salary remains for the rest of the week?


8. in an auditorium(or an aeroplane I dont remember) each row had 2 double seats and 3 single seats. If there are r number of rows then what is the total number of seats?

Ans: n=(2*2r+3r)

9. in a classroom there are x girls and y boys. What part of the class are girls?


10.when will you get maximum value for x if it lies between 0 to 1.

Ans: 1/x

Sentence correction
this part was also easy. You require class 10 level knowledge of english. They had given 15 such questions. Each question consists of a sentence with some part of it underlined. All you need to do is to select among the 5 choices the best one that fits in.

11. as a basketball player one should be good in (dribbling,running and pass) the ball.
[A]dribbles, runs and passes
[b]dribbling, running and passing (correct)
[c]dribbling, running and to pass
[d]dribble, run and pass
[e]dribblling, jumping and passing

12. when sumit is not working he can (cook or watch) tv.
[A] cook and watch
[b] cooking and watching
[c] either watch or cook
[d] watch the cook
[e] either cook or watch (correct)

13. There are seven persons up on the ladder. 'A' is further up than 'E' but is lower than C, 'B' is in the middle. 'G' is between 'A' and B. 'E' is between 'B' and F. If 'F' is between 'B' and D, then the person on the top of the ladder will be

1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

14. I am proceeding towards North. I take a turn to my right. After some time I take a turn to my left and again to my left. Then I go to my right. After some distance I again turn towards my right. The direction in which I am moving now

1) East
(2) West
(3) North
(4) South

15. A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of 100 marks each. He scores 15% of his total marks in English. How much does he score in English?

1) 55
2) 66
3) 77
4) 44
5) None of these

16.Which of the following storage class(es) became the global variable for the entire program

A. Extern
B. Static=20
C. Auto
D. Register
Ans: A

17.Which of the following is not true incase of Command line arguments

A. The argc parameter is used to hold the number of arguments in the = command line and is an integer
B. The argv parameter is a pointer to an array of a character = pointer and each one points to command line arguments
C. The argv[1] always point to program name
D. None of above
Ans: C

18. A function without any return type declares return=20

A. Integer
B. Float
C. Void
D. Syntax Error

Ans: A

19. what is the index no of the last element of an array with 29 elements

a. 29
b. 28
c. 0
d. programmer defined

20. A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?

(A) 110 men
(B) 130 men
(C) 100 men
(D) none of these