Recently there were many changes in the cabinet and the MHRD ministry being assigned to M Mangapati Pallam Raju, IIT Delhi Alumni Association is hopeful that new MHRD Minister will restore the old IIT JEE and that he will get IIT’s more freedom and flexibility.

While Kapil Sibal has made reforms in education in a big hurry, introducing a common entrance test for all central funded engieering institutes from 2013 has left IIT’s feeling that they are loosing freedom, but with sibal gone various stake holders of IIT JEE are hopeful that old IIT JEE will be restored.

Talking about sending a formal letter to Pallam Raju seeking a review of the IIT JEE format,Somnath Bharti, President of the IIT Delhi said “We are hopeful that with the new HRD Minister the IIT system will get more freedom and flexibility for both academic and non-academics activities…Our grounds, challenging the new IIT JEE format, are legal in nature and He should undo the recently announced change and restore the old JEE format. If we are not able to resolve it without going to court, we’ll go to court”.

IIT Faculty forum has expressed they will also meet MHRD Minister Raju to express their disapproval on the new common entrance format.

Source: 100marks