1. Teacher asked the students to find the cube root of a natural number but she did not mention the base. Students assumed the base found the cube root. Each student got an integer. Find the sum of digits of that number.

Select the odd one out.
a. Java b. Lisp c.Smalltalk d.Eiffel.


3. Select the odd one out
a. Oracle b. Linux c. Ingress d. DB2


4. Find the physical quantity represented by (FORCE * LENGTH)/(VELOCITY*VELOCITY)?

ANS . d sqr/ t

5. Given the length of the 3 sides of a triangle. Find the one that is impossible?

(HINT : sum of smaller 2 sides is greater than the other one which is larger)

6. Find the singularity matrix from a given set of matrices?

(Hint det(A)==0)

7. Which of the following set of numbers has the highest Standard deviation?


ans. 3rd

8. A 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
B 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0
C 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0
(AuB)nC = ?

ans. u is OR, n in AND

9.some Venn diagram was given about english, hindi and bengali speeking opeple. 3 sums were asked easy manageable. about % of bengali speeking people not speaking hindi but speaking english. etc

10. what shape will be obtained using these values
0 0.001
10 1.02
100 1.72
1000 3.00
9999 4.72
ans . log x

11.some BAR CHART and pie chart given & 2 or 3 question were asked fairly easy. bar was about poeple joining each yr and pie chart about % of poeple. about which yr had max growth %, like that.

12. based on deg, minutes and radians Q. just remember 1 deg = 60 min and 1 min = 60 sec. Q such that u have 2 carry over.

13. graph given and asked 2 write equation. it was some x cube graph.

14. .which of the following is power of 3
ans. add the digits. 2 will divide. divide the numbers thrice with 3 time, 1 will not.

15. which fo the following are orthogonal pairs a)
3i+2j b) i+j c)2i-3j d) 7i+j
a and c

16. if A,B,C are the the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fule by 30%,20%,10% . what will be the fule economy if they were used combine.
ans. =70/100 * 80/100 * 90/100 * 100

17. aces, sides, edges of a cude asked.
ans. 6,---

Question 18.
What will be printed by the code below?
Using namespace std;
Void swap( T *a, T *b){
Temp =*a;
Int main(){
Char hello[]=”hello”;
Char world[]=”world”;
Swap((char *)&hello, (char **)&world);
Consider a Binary Tee represented as a 1-indexed array(where the children of an element L are at indexes L and 2*L+1, elements at index is the root), with elements 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in that order. If the post order traversal of the array gives ab-cd*+, the the lebel on the nodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 can be

A. +,-,*,a,b,c,d
B. a,-,b,+,c,*,d
C. a,b,c,d,-,*,+
D. -, a,b,+,*,c,d
E. none of the above

Question 19.
A hypercube is defined as follows:
A hypercube of dimension 0 has only a vertex. To construct a hypercube of N dimentions, take two N-1 dimentional hypercubes, and attach edges between corresponding nodes of each of these hypercubes. How many colors will you need to color the EDGES of an N dimentional hypercube such that no two edges of the same color share a common vertex?

A. 2
B. 2^N
C. N
D. N^2
E. Node of the above

Question 20.

Find the complexity function
F(n)=2F(n/2)+10n, if n>1
F(n)=1, if n=1
A. n^2
B. n(logn)^2
C. n
D. nlogn
E. None of the above

Question 21.
In each step of insertion sort algorithm, a new elemennt has to be inserted into an already sorted subarry. Instead of using sequential search to determine the location of new element which takes O(n) time( Which makes the overall cpmplexity O(n^2) ), We can use bunary search since the subarray is sorted, which will take O(logn) time. By using this techinue, we can reduce the complexity of insertion sort from O(n^2) to

A. O(nlogn)
B. O(n)
C. O(logn)
D. O(n^2)
E. O(1)

Question 22.
Cossider the following procedure: f(n)
for i=1 to n dp
j=n while j>i do
end while end for

23.. Assume the above procedure are only an integer n>0; What is the time complexity in n for the procedure above:

A. O(nlogn)
B. O(n)
C. O(n^2)
D. O(N^3)
E. O(1)

24. The worst case time complexity of finding 5th smallest number in sa list of 50000 randomly chosen numbers.

A. O(1)
B. O(n)
C. O(logn)
D. O(n^2)
E. O(nlogn)

25. Consider the problem of sorting (in ascending order ) of an array of numbers, each number being the range(50,000 5000,000). What sorting algorithm is the best choice for the above problem. What is the best case time complexity of sorting achievable for this problem?

A. Merge sort
B. Insertion Sort
C. Quick Sort
D. Counting sort
E. Bubble SOrt

26. Two matrices M1 And M2 are to be stored in an Array A and b respectively. Each Array can be stored either in row major r column major order in contiguous memory locations. The time complexity to compute M1*M2 (Matrix Multipication) will be

A. Best if A is in row-major and B is in Column Major Order.
B. Best if both are in row major
C. Best if both are in column major
D. Independent of the storage scheme.
E. None of the above

27. An large array[]1…n] with N slots is filled only up to positions n for the n very less than N. To start with we do not know n. To locate an empty slot, we check A[j] for j=2^[2^i] in step i. What is the fewest number of steps in which we are guaranteed to find an empty slot?

A. O(n)
B. O(log n)
C. O(logN)
D. O(loglog n)
E. O(loglogN)