2011 Intergraph Placement Paper:

1. find(int x,int y)
{ return ((x<y)?0x-y)):}
call find(a,find(a,b)) use to find
(a) maximum of a,b
(b) minimum of a,b
(c) positive difference of a,b
(d) sum of a,b

2. integer needs 2bytes , maximum value of an unsigned integer is
(a) { 2 power 16 } -1
(b) {2 power 15}-1
(c) {2 power16}
(d) {2 power 15}

3. y is of integer type then expression
3*(y-8)/9 and (y-8)/9*3 yields same value if
(a)must yields same value
(b)must yields different value
(c)may or may not yields same value
(d) none of the above

4. 5-2-3*5-2 will give 18 if
(a)- is left associative,* has precedence over -
(b) - is right associative,* has precedence over -
(c) - is right associative,- has precedence over *
(d)- is left associative,- has precedence over *

5. printf("%f", 9/5);
(a) 1.8,
(b) 1.0,
(c) 2.0,
(d) none
6. if (a=7)
printf(" a is 7 ");
printf("a is not 7");
(a) a is 7,
(b) a is not 7,
(c) nothing,
(d) garbage.

7. if (a>b)
else s2;
s2 will be executed if
(a) a<= b,
(b) b>c,
(c) b<=c and a<=b,
(d) a>b and b<=c.

8. main()
inc(); ,inc(); , inc();
{ static int x;
printf("%d", ++x);
(a) 012,
(b) 123,
(c) 3 consecutive unprectiable numbers
(d) 111.

9. preprocessing is done

(a) either before or at begining of compilation process
(b) after compilation before execution
(c) after loading
(d) none of the above.

10. printf("%d", sizeof(""));
(a) error
(c) garbage
(d) 1.

11.five cities. city1 is west to city3.city4 is east to city 5._____etc. which is farthest on west side.

12.one question on: -=+,*=-,/=* etc then 10/5*45=?

13. 6 face of a cube are painted in a manner ,no 2 adjacent face have same colour. three colors used are red blue green. cube is cut in to 36 smaller cube in such a manner that 32 cubes are of one size and rest of them bigger size and each bigger side have no red side. following this three question will be asked .

14. Matricide:Mother::Homicide:?

a)Human b)Children c)Father d)None

15. Rs.3 costs 5 oranges.Then sold each orange at 1 rupee each.Then sold each orange at 1 rupee each.For Rs.36 profit what is the no. of oranges required?


16. The wages of the worker was increased from Rs.18 to Rs.21 per week.The average working hours is 7 hrs/day instead of 8 hrs/day.How much fast wokers should do work?

17. A cube is colored on the opposite faces blue,black and yellow.It is then cut into 36 cubes.Out of which 32 were small cubes and 4 where big cubes.

a)How many cubes were there,colored on the face
b)How many cubes were colored on three faces.

18. A cask contain 40 liters milk.8 lite rs we taken out and filled with water.The same process is contained second&third time.How much amount of milk will be there?

19. a problem with a function named 'myValue' will be given and asked to find the value of main() for an argument of 150,

Ans : 150

20. locate the error

int arr (20);
Ans: syntax error.