1. Find the wrong no. In the series: 19, 26,33,46,59,74,91.

2. A person 1st walks 85meter towards North, then turn left and walks 25m, again turn left and walks 90m. Then he turns 120 degree right. Wht is his final dirn.? a. NE b.NW c. ES d.SW

3. 12 persons in a get together. Each person does handshake with each other. Find the no. of hand shakes? Ans.66

4. If the side of a square is increased by 15%, wht ‘ll be the increase in its area?

5. xy=120, x^2+y^2=289, Find xy? Ans.23

6. Sum of 3 consecutive odd nos. is 57. Find the middle one ? Ans:19

7. The ratio of the father’s age to his son’s age is 7:3. The product of their ages is 756.The ratio of their ages after 6 yrs. Will be? Ans-2:1

8. 3 people can do a work in 6 days. After 2 days of work 3 other joined with them. Hw many days it ‘ll take to finish the remaining work?

9. ‘A’ invested a capital of 35000 for 8 yrs. ‘B’ invested 42,000 for 10 yrs. If the total profit is 30,000, find the share of ‘A’ ?

10. out of 10 players a team of ‘5’ and a captain has to be selected . In hw many ways it is possible?

11. if 12 men shakes hand from each other then what will be the total no. of hand shakes?

Ans 66

12. Ajit invested Rs 35000 for 8 months and Manjit invested Rs 42000 for 10 months. On a profit of Rs 31570 Ajit share is???

Ans Rs.12628

13. If product of 2 no.s is 120 and sum of their squares is 289 .then the sum of the no is ??

Ans 23

14. Among these, who was the Bengali writer ?

ans. F

15. To which branch of literature did C contribute ?

ans. All of these ( Poetry, Drama, Novel)

16. A train 150m long running 68kmph. In what time it will pass a man who is running at 8kmph in the same direction in which the train is going?

Ans- 9sec

17. There are 3 shirts in a box, each shirt for 1boy, if 3 boys randomly draws shirts from the box what is the probability that they get different shirts?

18. Venn diagram (looking lengthy but very easy)

19. 10 yrs ago mother age was 4 times as her daughter, 10 yrs hence mother age will be twice as her daughter what is the present age of daughter?

Ans-20 yrs.

20. If a sum of money doubles in 6 yrs then what time it will take to be 4 times compounded annually???