1 hour is the duration… 9-multiple choice and 9- written questions

1 . Default session handling is done through
A . Cookies
B. Cookieless
C. URL mapping
D.State server

. How many web . confiig files do a Application have?
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4

3. what is the extension of master file
A. .aspx
B. .ascx
C .asmx
D. …I don’t remember…

4. How many generations do GC have
A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3

5.Use of view state
A TO view all the controls when the page is submitted
B To maintain state and input of the controls when the page is submitted.
C both a and b
D none of the above

6. server required vs-2005
B,C,D I don’t remember.

7.1 question on .exe file IIS related (regarding the registration of iis)

8.What is the difference between string and string builder?

9.Diffrence between method over ride and over loading?

10. Write code to display the data from database in the gridview whose id is “Gridview1”

11. Write code to access each element in an array using for loop

12. What is boxing and Un boxing? Can u box string to integer ?why?

13. Write code in html to display data table with 1 row and 2 columns n row n columns

14. Write code to retrieve text in text box

15. Write code to display text in div tag in center