2011 Reliance Power Placement Paper:

1) Which of the following is mass flow meter?

a.turbine 2.micromotion flowmeter 3.magnetic

2) Cobalt 60 has a half life period of?

3) TC timelag_________if thermowell is added

4) For a pr tx with sensitivity,and range given for water, what it is for a liquid with another density.

5) Which of the following cant b detected using gas chromatograph. c2h6,ch4,none,co2

6) Which of the following is not used as a carrier gas n2,helium ,o2,co2

7) The best control for temperature.

a.Pi b.P c.PId d.PD

8) J type thermocouple is of: iron constantan, copper constantan, etc

9) Magnetic flowmeter works on which principle:

10) For magnetic meters, E=?

a. bv/d b. bvl/d c. none

11) Leakage vi is not possible for

12) The need of emergency shut down?

13) Pirani gauges are used for

14) The bourdon tubes should not face

a. creep b. hysterisis c. fatigue d. all

15) If 0-500mm of hg is calibrated as 4-20 ma, then wat is o/p for 125mm

16) SMPS does not have

17) In a ph electrode, the signal conditioning is provided by bjt,fet,etc

18) Cavitation is caused by

19) IEEE 802.5 obeys ethernet protocol,ip,fddi,token ring,none

20) Veena contracta point is characterised by:

21) The amplifier gain is a,then the f/b gain,for a positive f/b system in an oscillator is:

22) The stable system should have which kind of feedback?

23) THE DAMPER UNIT is used for:

24) The beta ratio is=;

25) The input to a binary adder is 110,what is sum ,carry?

26) The 4 2bit binaryu counter has the modulus: