We are aware of the impending disaster that is going to eat off the whole development spree of the world. I am talking about the fuel crisis towards which the world is moving slowly but steadily.

So as we sit here and think about the problem, a body is working vehemently towards achieving total solar autonomy in the country. The aims would boggle your mind. NIT Silchar is lucky to have one such local chapter in their campus.

SESI (Solar energy society of India) aims to promote the use of solar light (PV Technology) and solar heat (Thermal Technology) to generate electricity or usable heat. And it does so by creating awareness and interest amongst the future leaders; the students.

SESI, NIT Silchar carried out a series of workshops to teach students about the basic and practical knowledge about the Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal technology. The event started on one weekend, after inauguration by respected director sir, N. V. Deshpande and continued to the next.

The head of the body, Mr. Rohit Thakwani was too happy to divulge his future plans, "The lectures were the first major event of the body and I'm glad they went great. We weren't expecting such great response. Future plans of SESI include, conducting a National level seminar with the presence of Mr. Farook Abdulla and such eminent personalities."

Another enthusiastic member and organizer of the seminar, Mr. Sahil Kala commented, "This workshop was taken by our student chairman, Mr. Rohit Thakwani, who had undergone training at the ministry of renewable energy. The workshop was a grand success. The feedback received was very encouraging. The students learnt all the topics very well and most of them have started doing small projects on solar energy."

Source: CoolAge