2011 Toyota Kirloskar Placement Paper:

1. What is the poison’s ratio?

2. When boiler bursts, whom u would inform?

3. Modular ratio?

4. Envelope of damped free vibration?

5. A ball with a mass M is falling on to the ground with some velocity V1 and raising with velocity V2 . find the impulse?

6. Contd.. for 5th problem. When time of contact is given then force exerted on the ground.

7. two masses are connecting with string on to pulley coefficient of friction of mass m1 is given and also m1 and m2 are given. Find the relation b/n m1 and m2 , to make m2 move downwards

8. In a damped free excitation system maximum amplitude occurs

a. before resonance b. after resonance

9. Questions on set screws?

10. A four bar link mechanism is given with moment m acting on crank and also a force given at crank end. Find the reaction at hinged end of crank.

Deflection due to self weight of a uniform rod of diameter D and unit density and length is given .

12. The type of key used in wrist watch?

13. Bending stress is proportional to….? Ans). Section modulus

The hypoid gears are …. Ans). Non intersecting non parallel gears.

15. Hollow cylinder of outer D0 is given find the diameter of solid cylinder for the same material and same torsion strength. ?

16. principle plane is ?

17. Two masses are resting on a inclined plane with 30 degree angle and the two masses are welded with weightless rod and coefficients of friction is given. Find the common acceleration of a two masses.

18. two masses are of different weights smaller one is placed on the bigger mass. If the force is force is acting on bigger mass given find the acceleration of smaller mass. 19. How does MCB operate without relay..?

20. What will happen if twice the rated voltage is applied to a DC motor?

21.Wat's diff b/w normal braek system and (ABS) anti braek system.

22. will the turbogenerator operate on leading power factor with out modification in the stator winding.

23. What is mean by Resistance welding

24. which of the parts given is harder one?

Ans a). inner case b) outer case like that?

25. Max efficiency of screw jack formula?