2011 Toyota Kirloskar Placement Paper

1. Given some c/s of diffirent types which is having more torsional strength ?

2. Max principle stress theory is valid for which material?

3. efficiency of reveted joints of different types has given which is having max efficiency ?

4. if the roots are real then which type of vibrations will occur in damped systems ?

5. problem on transmissibility ?

6. when the disc is rotating on which on man is standing at the edge then what is the possibility of increase in speed of the disc?

A)man moves towards center b) out ward?

7. what is the principle behind the collisions of ball ?which is related to Q.7 ? ans constant linear momentum.

8. Find the elongation of the bar due to self weight

9. Problem on the cantilever deflection

10. Problem on the two blocks connected by string one is on table and on is hanging from the pulley…mechanics’ problem

11. Ratio of the tension of the band block breaks

12. max and normal efficiency of the power skew

13. what is monel metal

14. for which material max normal stress theory is used

15. efficiency of the riveted joints

coefficient of friction for the greased ball bearing

17. which key is used in wrist watch

18. bending stress is proportional to 1. directly/inversely proportional to section modulus

19. find the width of the strongest beam that can be cut of cylindrical log of wood whose diametre is ‘d’

20. If the phi is friction angle then which of the following can not be the value of the tan(phi)

a) 0 b) 1.5 mu etc. Ans is 0

21. problem on the transmissibility …to calculate dynamic amplitude

22. What is mean by Resistance welding

23. Difference B/W A/C & D/C Motors..?

24. How does MCB operate without relay..?

25. How to calculate KW what is the formula for KW.