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Thread: Amdocs placement paper 2011

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    Amdocs placement paper 2011

    Amdocs Placement Papers 2011:

    1. float a=.7

    2. switch(n)
    case 1: printf("case 1");
    case (2) : printf("default");
    what will be output??

    ans: it will be error since case(2) is not allowed

    3. u have to store data on the system which command is used .....

    (a)fread (b)fwrite (c)read (d)write

    4. what is data dictionary

    5. what is view.......

    6. what is output of cal j 2005

    7. In which message passing is fast .....options are

    (a)pipe (b) message passing (c) message queue (d) memory sharing

    ans : d

    8. question on nice command that is how to change the priority

    ans: change the priority of the process

    9. context switching takes place....

    a) kernel to user mode
    b)user to user mode
    c)kernel to kernel mode
    d)one process to another process

    10. what is the difference between dbms and rdbms options were given

    11. u have a xwindow and u have to display clock on it then which command will be used??

    12. what is fork..... and: to create a new process

    13. cp xxx.txt edu

    what will it do

    ans: copy file xxx to directory edu.

    14. if 4 represent as $** and 3 represent as *$$

    based on it there were 4
    i) what is the value of $$$** + $**$*
    in similar way rest of 3 questions

    15. who provide the certificate

    16. along with which hardware this is added...

    17. where is security key retain

    18. which algorithm is used to generate a key.....

    19. to choose which two are similar in the given pattern....this type of four questions

    I) i) 123456.876543 ii)123456.876943 iii) 123456.876543
    (a)i & ii (b) i & iii (c) ii & iii (d)all are similar 20. main ()
    int x=5;
    printf ("%d", x);

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    Re: Amdocs placement paper 2011

    can any one send amdocs question papers...thanx in advance

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