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The idea of going after a golf scholarship can be intimidating. However, a golfer with moderate ability and a desire to play at the college level may be surprised to learn that golf scholarships are available and may be even considered plentiful for minorities and women.
In order to win a golf scholarship, a golfer has to play competitively at the high school level. By playing high school golf for at least three years, an athlete will show a college coach that he is serious about the game. A golfer does not have to have Tiger Woods' ability to win a scholarship, either. Golf scholarships at schools like Florida, Florida State, Southern Cal, Alabama, UCLA and LSU are very difficult to come by, but smaller schools or schools not in the spotlight are often looking for qualified student-athletes to bestow scholarships.
If a high school does not offer varsity golf, a young golfer can hook up with a local golf pro at a country club who can show him how to compete in junior tournaments. By scoring well in these events, a golfer can show a college golf coach that he has the ability to play at the college level.

Calvin Brave