At the recently concluded 3rd season of Effi-Cycle 2012 an intercollegiate design competition organised by the SAE (Society for Automobile Engineering) INDIA at UIET, Chandigarh, a team of eight students from Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology Impulse managed to impress. They secured the eight position in India, third in South India and stood first in Andhra Pradesh at the contest.

The eight-member team Mekala Aditya, Abdul Qadir Iliyas, SMD Omar Qureshi, Abdulla Shaikh Abdul Qader, Md. Noorul Hussain, Abdul Samad, Asad Bashadi and Md. Zahed created a design for an energy efficient rickshaw. The goal, as required by the competition, was to design, simulate and fabricate an energy efficient hybrid human powered, three-wheeled electric vehicle.

The excited captain of the team, Mekala Aditya, says "We learnt of this competition through a website earlier this year. And when our college faculty asked us if we were interested in participating in it, we formed a team of eight and jumped at the opportunity." How tough was it for them to clear the final rounds? Aditya elaborates, "Though it was our choice to participate in the contest, it was our college which really helped us a lot by providing us with funds.

By June, we had already started planning and designing our presentation for the virtual round which was held in Bangalore and saw the participation of around 140 colleges from all over India. And out of them, 65 colleges were shortlisted for the final round and we were amongst them. After that, we started our mechanical work which included fabrication, moulding, welding, cutting and other things to complete our vehicle for the final show. It took us almost a month to design the 'efficient rickshaw'. We were happy that apart from coming 8th in India, we stood first in Andhra Pradesh, from where many other teams vied for the position".

Explaining more about their innovation, team member Md. Noorul Hussain says, "It's a normal rickshaw which two people can ride simultaneously as it is equipped with paddles on both the sides. Also, thanks to the eco-friendly motor which runs on battery, it can be used by older people too. It's non-polluting and a best example of a go-green innovation." The students are thrilled with the boost that this achievement can give their resumes.

Aditya says, "This was definitely a platform for us to showcase our skills and get first-hand practical knowledge of our subject and we proved ourselves. Also, this experience will help all of us in our campus interviews. Right now, we're just happy that our rickshaw is on display in our college campus."

But their task doesn't end here. These enthusiastic students want to improve on their design. Mekala says, "We are looking forward to modifying this energy efficient rickshaw and make it run on solar energy too."

Source: Times of India