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Thread: Engineer's Degree

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    Favorite 32 Engineer's Degree

    Hello friends,

    Traditionally, schools in Europe and Latin America offer no Bachelor of Engineering degree. Instead, students interested in pursuing engineering must follow a longer, five-year course of study to earn the engineer's degree. The engineer's degree is between the master's and Ph.D. In the United States, students can study for the engineer's degree after they complete their master's. The engineer's degree is considered a terminal degree and is pursued primarily by students who want to work as practicing engineers and have little or no interest in research or academia. Students must choose a field of engineering to focus on, such as civil, mechanical or electrical, and their years studying are spent primarily in coursework. Few universities in the United States offer the engineer's degree, and requirements differ considerably between universities and even departments.

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    Scholarships For Engineering Studies In India

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    Re: Engineer's Degree

    Between masters and Ph.D..?? It is a bachelor's degree and should be before the masters right..?? But I heard that in Canada it is the same as in India. And even the syllabus is approximately on the same levels.

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