ICONIC CONSOLE GAME Halo 4 went on sale Monday night to a rapt reception.

The game from 343 Studios is a sequel to Halo 3, of course, and sees the return of fan favourite Master Chief.It went on sale at midnight globally, and in London a celebrity studded bash saw Microsoft hovering a large disc over the Thames.

Celebrities are great, and Microsoft plucked a few out of their normal evenings and deposited them into a video where they can be found playing Halo 4. They look happy enough, we imagine there was free booze and food there, and we were happy when we played Halo 4 too.

The smart money is on the game becoming something of a sales smash, despite being sold only for the Xbox 360. So far the Halo franchise has generated nearly $3 billion in sales and the last release, Halo: Reach pulled in $200m in sales in the United States and Europe in its first 24 hours in the stores.

"'Halo' launches are renowned for being entertainment game-changers and we are back with our most ambitious projects to date," said Chris Lewis, VP of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft EMEA.

"Last week we created a replica of the 'Halo' universe within the heart of Europe. This week we have one of the worlds' largest and brightest performance art objects being flown over London. The Glyph flyover makes the seemingly impossible world of science fiction a reality, a 50 foot symbol of the Didact hovering in the skies of a major capital city, seems a fitting way to herald the next chapter of this phenomenal blockbuster franchise."

The flyover is in the video below, just in case - and we suspect this might be the case - you have no idea what he is talking about.

Source: The Inquirer