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Thread: Data communication and networking forouzan 2nd edition

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    Pdf 32 Data communication and networking forouzan 2nd edition

    The main Unit of the book are as follows:

    PART 1: Overview
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2 Network Models

    PART 2 Physical Layer and Media
    Chapter 3 Data and Signals
    Chapter 4 Digital Transmission
    Chapter 5 Analog Transmission
    Chapter 6 Bandwidth Utilization: Multiplexing and Spreading
    Chapter 7 Transmission Media
    Chapter 8 Switching
    Chapter 9 Using Telephone and Cable NetworksJ'or Data Transmission

    PART 3 Data Link Layer
    Chapter 10 Error Detection and Correction
    Chapter 11 Data Link Control
    Chapter 12 Multiple Access
    Chapter 13 Wired lANs Ethernet
    Chapter 14 Wireless LANs
    Chapter 15 Connecting LANs, Backbone Networks, and Virtual LANs
    Chapter 16 Wireless WANs: Cellular Telephone and Satellite Networks
    Chapter 17 SONETISDH
    Chapter 18 Virtual-Circuit Networks: Frame Relay and ATM

    PART 4 Network Layer 547
    Chapter 19 Network Layer: Logical Addressing
    Chapter 20 Network Layer: Internet Protocol
    Chapter 21 Network Layer: Address Mapping. Error Reporting, and Multicasting
    Chapter 22 Network Layer: Delivery. Forwarding, and Routing

    PARTS 5 Transport Layer
    Chapter 23 Process-ta-Process Delivery: UDp, TCP, and SCTP
    Chapter 24 Congestion Control and Quality of Service

    PART 6 Application Layer
    Chapter 25 Domain Name System
    Chapter 26 Remote Logging, Electronic Mail, and File transfer
    Chapter 27 WWW and HTTP
    Chapter 28 Network Management: SNMP
    Chapter 29 Multimedia

    PART 7 Security
    Chapter 30 Cryptography
    Chapter 31 Network Security
    Chapter 32 Securill' in lite Internet: IPSec, SSLITLS, PC p. VPN, and Firewalls

    To Download the Book: Click Here:

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    Re: Data communication and networking forouzan 2nd edition

    somebody give me notes to do with multiplexing

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    Re: Data communication and networking forouzan 2nd edition

    please post A K Sawhney (electrical measurement and measuring instruments) and D patrnabis (sensors and transducers)

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    Re: Data communication and networking forouzan 2nd edition

    thank you for sharing this book. helped me a lot.‚Äč.........................................................................

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