A silent room with party-goers wearing headphones and dancing away well past the sound curfew deadline; students attending this year's Techfest at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) will be able to experience the 'silent disco'.

Techfest, the IIT-B's annual technology festival, scheduled to be held between January 3 and 5 next year, will debut the silent disco, a popular concept abroad, and one that organisers claim will be the first at any college festival in India.

With the noise curfew of 10pm, the silent disco will enable students to enjoy themselves on campus and also respect noise rules. The silent disco will be open to anyone for free during the three-day festival. Every attendee will be given a personalised wireless headset. There will be no speaker system and the music will be played through the headset. Without the headset, the scene borders on the ludicrous, with just a quiet room full of people energetically dancing away in silence.

"Owing to the current noise pollution issues and crackdown everywhere, we thought this was the perfect time to launch the concept," said Shrey Singh, media and marketing manager, Techfest 2013. "It will combine technology and entertainment and also allow youngsters to enjoy the night life for as long as and wherever they desire."

Source: Hindustan Times