Six out of 10 IIT Bombay students have given the thumbs down to the restriction on entry of members of the opposite sex in hostels. They say it makes “hanging out with friends” inconvenient.

Most (75 per cent) are otherwise happy with their social lives, reveal separate online surveys conducted by Insight, the student media body of the institute.

The results will be published in the next edition of the Insight online magazine.Over 800 students responded to the surveys — ‘Social life at IIT’ and ‘Restriction on entry of opposite sex in hostels’.

Around 70 per cent who were part of closely-knit groups said striking conversations with people outside was not difficult, but they were “too lazy to make the effort”. The remaining 30 per cent found talking to new people awkward. While 20 per cent said they were in relationships, 34 per cent wondered where the scope for relationships at IIT was. Hanging out in hostels was the choice of 80 per cent, while 72 per cent counted wingmates/hostelmates as their closest friends

“Not surprisingly, the results reveal that almost all groups have zero girls in their closest group,” said a student.Despite a skewed sex ratio in IITs, “girls/guys” were not a priority in discussions.Around 40 per cent of the students discussed academics, 55 per cent placement/future and eight per cent fashion/shopping. Almost 75 per cent said how they dressed did not “bother” them.

“The fact that we are too lazy to interact with people outside campus or that there is little interaction with the opposite sex is disturbing,” said another student.

Around 80 per cent like spending time with friends in hostels, hence it does not come as a surprise that a good number felt the 10 am-to-7 pm rule is inconvenient and should be reviewed.

The survey also shows 60 per cent of IIT Bombay students spend over four hours on laptops every day.

Source: The Indian Express