Unemployment can be caused for various reasons. For starters, in Canada, the price for post secondary school have been increasing; keeping some students from even having the opportunity to attend. Although OSAP, grants, loans and bursaries can help the student, its not always enough. OSAP especially can be difficult in some families to pay back.
Another factor, especially for the generation of students just starting post secondary education now, is that there is a lack of of availability out there once we are to finish school. This generation is large, as once the baby boom generation. Although yes, many of them will begin to retire it is the older students in our generation that will reap the benefits.
Together, being uneducated or not, it will be tough for some people to find a job which will just increase the unemployment rate. Laziness isn't JUST the factor. Many jobs require post secondary school now. With the prices as their raising, not all will be ale to receive it.
HOWEVER, to all those out there believing its just due to lack of work ethic, laziness, or irresponsibility - its not always. Although those factors can play a factor, although often times MINIMAL. Its hard for some to pick up a new job, after being unemployed for awhile and uneducated.