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Thread: C Language Interview Questions and Answers

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    Rar 32 C Language Interview Questions and Answers

    1.What is a pointer?
    Ans: Pointers are variables which stores the address of another variable. That variable may be a scalar (including another pointer), or an aggregate (array or structure). The pointed-to object may be part of a larger object, such as a field of a structure or an element in an array.
    3. What are the uses of a pointer?
    Ans: Pointer is used in the following cases
    i) It is used to access array elements
    ii) It is used for dynamic memory allocation.
    iii) It is used in Call by reference
    iv) It is used in data structures like trees, graph, linked list etc.
    4. What is a structure?
    Ans: Structure constitutes a super data type which represents several different data types in a single unit. A structure can be initialized if it is static or global.
    5. What is a union?
    Ans: Union is a collection of heterogeneous data type but it uses efficient memory utilization technique by allocating enough memory to hold the largest member. Here a single area of memory contains values of different types at different time. A union can never be initialized.

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