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Thread: Java Applet Interview Questions and Answers

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    Java Applet Interview Questions and Answers

    1. What is an Applet? Should applets have constructors?
      - Applets are small programs transferred through Internet, automatically installed and run as part of web-browser. Applets implements functionality of a client. Applet is a dynamic and interactive program that runs inside a Web page displayed by a Java-capable browser. We donít have the concept of Constructors in Applets. Applets can be invoked either through browser or through Appletviewer utility provided by JDK.
    2. What are the Appletís Life Cycle methods? Explain them? - Following are methods in the life cycle of an Applet:
      • init() method - called when an applet is first loaded. This method is called only once in the entire cycle of an applet. This method usually intialize the variables to be used in the applet.
      • start( ) method - called each time an applet is started.
      • paint() method - called when the applet is minimized or refreshed. This method is used for drawing different strings, figures, and images on the applet window.
      • stop( ) method - called when the browser moves off the appletís page.
      • destroy( ) method - called when the browser is finished with the applet.
    3. What is the sequence for calling the methods by AWT for applets? - When an applet begins, the AWT calls the following methods, in this sequence:
      • init()
      • start()
      • paint()

    When an applet is terminated, the following sequence of method calls takes place :

    • stop()
    • destroy()

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