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Thread: Seo(Search engine Optimization) Interview Question and Answer

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    Rar 32 Seo(Search engine Optimization) Interview Question and Answer

    (Q) What are Search Engines?
    (A) Search engines are programs, when you enter a keyword and a search term these programs will find specific information on web. Example: Google, yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckgo

    (Q) What is SEO?
    (A) SEO – Search engine optimization or optimizer is a collection of techniques applied to optimize our site so that it ranks well in SERPs (Search engine result pages).

    (Q) What are Meta tags?
    (A) Meta tags are keywords which tell search engines about the site, these keywords are viewed by search engine bots. When any person searches then search engines based upon the meta tags, title and keywords in the site displays the results.

    (Q) What is the importance of Title tag used in website?
    (A) Title plays a vital role in SEO, page`s title accurately describes the about the content in that pages.

    (Q) What is site map?
    (A) Search engine bots reads the content of the web page after converting them to XML, placing site map in our site helps bots to read the content easily.

    (Q) Why to use Robot.txt?
    (A) Robot.txt is a message to search engine bots to index the page or not. In case if your don`t want search engines to index particular page then place “noindex”.

    (Q) How keyword analysis is done?
    (A) Choose the keywords those are with high searches and low competition related to your site niche. Then initial target long tail keywords to see rankings in SERPs gradually increase the keywords.

    (Q) What is Canonical form?
    (A) Canonical is a tag which accepts URL, it is a message to search engine bots that to index this URL but not the page URL.
    For example: this the url of the page and if you don`t want search engines to index this url but instead you want to make , then include it in canonical tag.

    (Q) How to get traffic for the website?
    (A) Start article submission with quality content, participate in forums and do all the SEO techniques. To get traffic upload image to profile and give your users brand look by sharing them with genuine information about website. Concentrate on local search engines like super pages, manta etc..

    (Q) Is Domain extension (.com, .in, .net, .org) has any effect on SEO?
    (A) It depends; If you are concentrating people all over USA then taking domain with .in extension can effect SEO.

    (Q) What is PPC?
    (A) PPC is a method of online advertisement where you pay per users click.

    (Q) List few SEO techniques you fallow when a new site is given?
    (A) Checking with onpage factor like Title, meta tags, meta description and keywords in the content
    Submitting site to major search engines
    Submitting to RSS feed sites
    Bookmarking site pages
    Press release announcing about your site launch
    Directory submission
    Article submission to concentrate article readers
    Classifieds to target local users
    Blog commenting
    Web 2.0 page creation
    ….these are few techniques listed you can add more.

    (Q) What is analytics?
    (A) To analyses the traffic to your site, many sites are providing analyses, using this you can track the results for your SEO work.

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    Re: Seo(Search engine Optimization) Interview Question and Answer

    Interview question and answer tutorial is very useful for every people. You give very nice and useful guideline of all the question and answer about seo. It will be helpful to prepare all about seo. Thanks for share such a great tutorial here.

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    Re: Seo(Search engine Optimization) Interview Question and Answer

    You shared really nice and useful guidelines for SEO. SEO is purely concern with search engine optimization of websites and to increase the efficiency of websites. SEO experts use websites and blogs to earn handsome cash and truly forecast the future plans. An SEO person should have knowledge about to use right SEO tool for right technique according to the project nature. dofollow sites links
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