Can anyone.. find me,.. the relevant code of practice for rock anchors,.. to be used for a hard rock (having SBC>2500 KN/m2)...
I'll tell you the actual case,.. which is required for me...

(depth of excavation : 35-45 m,
presence of hard rock : (when, d> 3 m, from local ground level),
size of excavation : 80 x 45 m,

with sloped ramp from the lowest point till it reaches the natural ground level at 80 m (horizontally from the lowest elev. pt)....

for this case, The anticipated load from super structure would be around 1500 kN (point loads at two points ) ,..

accordingly, the rock anchors to be designed...///

I'm waiting for the possible solution and the design philosophy to be used from prospective civil. engg. professionals..!!!!!
hope, somebody cud focus on the bull's eye!!