The placement season each year at IIT-Madras brings a new trend, what’s new this year?
As reported this year, among others, is the entry of luxury car companies into the campus recruitment segment. IIT-Madras is going to add Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce in their recruiter list. Nine automobile companies that include Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Bajaj Auto, Volvo, Renault Nissan, General Motors, Tata Motors and Toyota are among the recruiters on campus this year.
Mercedes benz will conduct its recruitment process lately, other companies have already recruited the students. Most of the recruited students are from aerospace engineering, applied mechanics, mechanical engineering and engineering design.
Selection overview from Automobile Companies
  • General Motors have roped in eight students.
  • TVS motors have selected eight students
  • Tata Motors have recruited nine students.
  • Volvo has taken in two students.
  • Bajaj Auto has recruited six students
  • Rolls Royce selected two students from aerospace engineering .