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Thread: Delhi University plans for Four years Bachelors Courses

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    Information Delhi University plans for Four years Bachelors Courses

    It's time to think rationally and differently. Education system needs a change, the orthodox pattern and methodologies have been successful, no doubt but may be the stiffness in the system should be eradicated. With this thought in mind
    the Delhi University seems to have grand plans for its future students. The furore over the semester system and other changes has subsided now and it seems that the university has yet more innovations to implement. The major one being upgrading three years honours courses to four year courses with a totally different curriculum which provides freedom to students that was never available before.

    The university plans to provide an option of exiting the four year course after 2 years and 3 years and within a stipulated time the person can come back to complete the course. A student exiting after two years can earn himself an associate degree, after three, a Bachelor's degree depending on the courses and the fourth year will be an honours programme, which will be more research oriented. This, in my opinion will increase the number of students in the university because of the prerogative of studying for some time, then maybe getting some job experience and getting back to studies with more value addition. Also, for students who due to family or financial constraints cannot give 4 years to study, this opens up an opportunity to at least get an associate degree and increase their level of education and if future permits, may get back to studies after a certain period of time.

    Also,the university plans to give students the option to design their own degrees, as in they can choose whatever subjects they want to study, at whichever semester and from any college in Delhi University! It gives the freedom to a science student to study economics for one or may be two semesters and a humanities student to take up a computers course if he or she wishes to. This is more or less inspired from the western system of graduation which provides varied opportunities in terms of subject matter.

    Students who are sports oriented can under this system give more time to their sports practice and tournaments by reducing the number of credit courses that they take without affecting their academic career in anyway. Also, for students wanting to study abroad, 3 year courses were a huge drawback given that international universities require 16 years of education while with a 3 year degree the total years of education is only 15. With a 4 years course, this problem stands solved.

    The news of 4 year courses is a reason to cheer. The university is trying its best to pull itself to the international standards.

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    Re: Delhi University plans for Four years Bachelors Courses

    i am with this plan !!