Changes are part of life but a smarter one can transform the whole scenario. That is what is being planned by the engineers at IBM. Their engineers have already flexed their muscles to make the computers human like – giving them ability to touch, see, hear, taste and smell. IBM’s been working on five new technologies that it says will change the way humans interact with computers. The company believes that in the next 5 years the computing industry will evolve to let you ‘touch’ through your smartphone screen. So if you want to buy a new blanket on your favorite ecommerce portal – you’ll be able to touch and feel the blanket right through your smartphone. IBM’s engineers are already working on making your smartphone ‘vibrate’ in a unique way to simulate every touch.

Get ready to live in the world dominated by sensors. The next in line is ‘see’ and IBM says that computers will soon be able to ‘see’ the images and recognise them, like human brain does. Computers will be able to interpret the information captured by images and Google will be able to perform better image searches. IBM says that the computers will also be able ‘hear’ and analyse the sound patterns better than what current generation of sensors can do. For the simplicity’s sake, let’s say the computer will be able to tell which part of India you belong to just be listening to your voice.

IBM’s engineers are also developing computing systems that can identify ‘taste’. The master chefs will be able to program their computers to ‘taste’ the food made by the junior chefs without actually having to taste it. IBM also says that the next generation of computers will be able to ‘smell’ and find immediate application in the medical fields.

The computers are getting way to smarter and our existence is getting endangered. Let's see how things turn up!!!