To consolidate the process of evaluation the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that from the beginning of next year, Class X students in Delhi the answer sheets will be mailed in their inboxes in case of any reevaluation or controversy.

This will be a test run for the CBSEs plans to move the entire examination and evaluation process to a digital platform. This will include digitizing answer sheets and creating a digital marking system wherein errors in evaluation will be minimal, if any.

As per a senior CBSE official, this process will extend past Delhi and cover all 2.5 lakh class X board exam answer-sheets soon. Gone are the days of one teacher evaluating one paper, one at a time. The new process allocates specific sections of the paper to the concerned evaluator. For e.g. chemistry teachers will only correct the section on chemistry.

This means the greater the expertise, the lesser the room for error and with multiple teachers checking papers, it rules out any evidence of error or bias. Due to the paper being digitized, multiple evaluators have access to the same paper.

. In 2013, they will receive their evaluated sheets via email, a process that will save precious resources, like paper and time.