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Thread: Placement at BITS- Goa

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    Information Placement at BITS- Goa

    The placement coordinator of BITS-Goa, Sarthak Pranit recently completed a successful term. Recently, he was interviewed so let's hear about the placement aspirations of students at BPGC from his own experiences.

    Q. Please give us a brief on the placements at BITS-Goa this semester. Do students at BPGC want a mere job security, white collar jobs or the good old core government companies?

    A. Well, as I saw, BITS Goa has a pretty diverse opinion about the job. A major number of students fall out of their own interest on their core discipline from the second year itself. As a result, a diverse option array falls on their foot. But the normal tendency of a BITSian from Goa is to take lite, which is really detrimental to the entire career choice they make. What I noticed is that people often go for a segment called "non-tech". This category has no clear definition apart from the fact that it represents a "core" segment that students are absolutely not interested in.

    Apart from a few, a large number of students have really very less clue as to what they are interested in. As a result of this confusion, the majority judges a job by a package than a profile which is no way close to a wise decision. Students need to figure out their region of interest and then go for it, irrespective of the pay. Teach For India has been a very lucrative option, but people are apprehensive about it only because of the package, without even looking into the scope of such a path. BITS-Goa students really need to orient themselves along some line to find their region of interest within their first three years rather than just going as per job security.

    Q. Any advice you would like to shower upon fellow juniors who would on the lookout for jobs in a couple of years?

    A. My most important recommendation for juniors is to stop taking "LITE" as an answer to everything. We are almost 21 years of age and living of our parents' income should come to us as a shame of our incapacity. We do not have a right to blame the system if we do not have a solution to the situation.

    A large number of students study for a mere CGPA which is advisable for a student giving his 10th boards, not an undergraduate. Students need to start getting aware about industry, research and market if they really want to be someone in life. If not anyone, we all are accountable to our families, who had their own aspirations from us when they sent us to this campus. Belittling that aspiration is nothing less that insanity.

    My advice to students is to start trying to figure out their passion right from their first year. It matters not if they try out something and realize they are not interested in it. Even figuring out what you do NOT want to do in your life is a huge step. But it's necessary to try for something. Once you are able to figure out your area of passion, life truly becomes much simpler. BITS Goa truly gives you a great deal of diversity and scope to try out new things. Do take the advantage of such a system. No job is small or insignificant. Every job that teaches you something new about the world and yourself is significant in its own way.

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