President, Pranab Mukherjee while addressing the institutions in india requested them to upgrade and maintain the standard of education that the country’s students deserved. Universities should encourage students to cultivate a scientific curiosity. This will in turn, promote the growth of innovation and research among students.

To make high-quality higher education accessible, students must be offered increased financial assistance, said the President. The offer can include education loans, ‘earn while you learn’ self-help plans and Scholarships. Flexible models such as ‘distance’ and ‘open’ education are quite significant in serving the purpose of increasing the influence of higher education to students all over the country. Both models need to be supported and encouraged.

India is fortunate to have a demographic ratio and it should be utilized to its maximum potential. Also, the country’s sustained economic growth depends on appropriate human capital formation, which is a result of a proper education.

The President of India’s speech was overwhelming, at a felicitation function at Suri Vidyasagar College, Birbhum, West Bengal. where he once studied.