“Swavalamban Programme” of HPCL, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited’s helps empower marginalized children and trains dropouts, minorities, children from families below the poverty line and those from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes. The successful, skill building initiative has now been taken up by the Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII) since 2006. The program assures its participants a 100 percent job guarantee at the end. In Purulia, now in the seventh phase of the Swavalamban Program, under the CII-HPCL partnership, short-term workshops are being conducted by the CII's training partner, Vernajyoti Educare on hospitality education. These trained youths are then sent to various resorts and hotels to gain valuable work experience and develop practical skills. They are then recruited by the hospitality industry for positions as front desk staff, food and beverage servers and room service attendants. On Friday, December 14, 2012, the CII and its partner organization Vernajyoti Educare held a valedictory ceremony in Nodiha, a village near Lakhanpur, Purulia to award students with certificates in hospitality training. The program works on two levels, on the one hand some see it as a way to get a guaranteed job and on the other hand some see it as a means to improve the quality of their lives. The Swavalamban Programme, which started out as a means to increase employability in the rural areas, has now morphed into a platform where these children can realize their ambitions. Students who were drop-outs or didn’t have enough money to pay school fees now have direction in their lives and have made their respective villages proud. Students in this program have reported feeling a greater sense of confidence. Many have expressed the hope of travelling outside West Bengal, some outside the country. Many graduates have been hired to work at prestigious hotels in Daman, Diu and Vadodara. However, one major roadblock for most students was a lack of fluency in their English. Students have learned to adapt to the language, realizing that it is a necessity in the hospitality industry. The program has branches in Pune, Hyderabad, Bhatinda, Guwahati, Chennai,Kolkata, Purulia among others.Since it was implemented in 2006, the program has helped place 9,427 youngsters across the country, covering 12 states and 26 centres.