In this paper, a novel photo-voltaic (PV) maximum power point tracking (MPPT) based on biological swarm chasing behavior is proposed to increase the MPPT performance for a module-integrated PV power system. Each Module is viewed as a particle, and as a result, the maximum power point is viewed as the moving target. Thus, every PV module can chase the maximum power point (MPP) automatically. A 525 Wprototype constructed by three parallel-connected 175 W PV modules is implemented to assess the MPPT performance. Comparing with a typical perturb and observe (P&O) MPPT method, the MPPT efficiency η MPPTis improved about 12.19% in transient state by the proposed MPPT as theoretical prediction. Index Terms—Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), particle swarm optimization, photovoltaic (PV), swarm intelligence.