The Punjabi University in Patiala has created a revolutionary "text-to-speech" (TTS) software that can be used by visually-impaired students to listen to any text written in Punjabi. This software will convert text written in any language into Punjabi and then into speech. The TTS system was developed by the computer science department in Punjabi University. It was funded by the department of science and technology. The total cost of the project came up to Rs. 19 Lakh. As per a source from the computer science department, the system can by used as an add-on tool once it is embedded in any web browser. This will enable the computer to convert the text into spoken Punjabi. The system will be able translate both English and Hindi into Punjabi. If a visually-impaired person wanted to read a book, they would firstly have to scan it onto a computer, which has already been fitted with the software. A similar software, as already been created by the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. However the system was for Hindi. The system will also help dyslexic students, those with attention deficit disorder and students with general learning disabilities. The authorities from the university are expected to present their software to the Union government early next year, in January. They will also be uploading the software to their official website where it can be downloaded from January 2013. Source: Times of India