That little sleep that wanders in Among the trudgings of our kin, We are forever keeping time, of lost possessions amongst the grime, Be not afraid of variant changes, they come adorn and revolve round hinges. We are here We are there We are almost everywhere .. That spasm of the limiting walk ; Crooked and angled away from balk. Determined we are to pursue the cause, in heavy pain and all its flaws .. Working up the body warm, Neutralizing all of it thats shorn ; The ridden route all day and morn Has now become worthy of such scorn, That following discipline, follows alone The others so ill mannered that flown In and around the congested path, Are but the tidings of unwanted wrath .. The games that play with deep concerns, Of future camps, and ageing burns Has given us a fighting chance, to be of use without much glance .. Were I to hold a torch to them, I would encourage not to rot the stem But slumber sleep is seldom shorn, irrespective of what was worn ; Come take me down Come slobber me up Come perish a frown, and soup me cup .. Dressings own for marriage and book, Its important how I look to look , Love of many, pictures galore Rushing off with progeny and shore .. It is the auspicious time and day, of those that helped and to alay The complications of the gut, switched on and off in that..ched hut And on again on journey more, to releases of the written chore Smiles and meetings, laughs and more To honor that which hibernates for sure .. Speeches, word and loving care, I have no reason to despair For they are just a friendly front Behind of course they rant and grunt .. Back from it all to calmer climes, Of home and food and khana times .. They are the best at what they do Best left alone to grunt and croo .. The best of times is now in practice Writing the worst , worse than a novice .. Looking forward to the green sheets bed, Soft pillows aplenty for the stomach well fed Good night good night my dearest all .. Be not afraid when in your dreams you fall .. My love and admiration to this wonderful family Amitabh Bachchan