Our fingers connect us to our smartphones. They type, they click, they swipe, they pinch and they launch angry avians. And now our own unique fingers can secure our phones as well.

PIPA Solutions recently announced the launch of PIPA Touch: a wireless biometric scanner that adds multi-layered fingerprint security to smartphones.
PIPA Touch is a Bluetooth fingerprint scanner that is secured by protective covers. As you can see in the video, once paired to a device PIPA Touch integrates wirelessly with the default locking system, granting access to a smartphone via fingerprint scan. PIPA Touch’s hardware is designed to fit a wide variety of smartphone devices.
A corresponding app allows you to authorize users, create custom scan sequences for three-factor security, manage logins and passwords in the cloud, and log in to websites—automatically—across all platforms—using your fingerprints. The app uses a cloud-hosted Password Bank to retract your passwords in case you forget.
I can understand why the PIPA team targeted smart-phone users for their security device. The market is enormous. But other industrial applications could make a lot of sense for this Bluetooth biometric scanner as well. If you are designing a product where security is important, maybe a device like PIPA is what you’re looking for.
The PIPA Touch team is seeking to secure funding on Indiegogo platform for initial production of the PIPA Touch units.