Over the past few years, the Chinese engineers have been incredibly busy working on mega-engineering project – laying world’s largest high speed railway track. The work began in 2007 and became the world’s largest with 8,358 km by 2010; but the goal is to double that length to 16,000 km by 2020. China has unveiled world’s longest rail route meant for the bullet train, 2298 km long, extending from Beijing to Guangzhou. Traveling at a speed of 300 kmph, the train will take about 35 stops in between and is expected to shrink the commute time from 22 hours to just about 8 hours.

The project was criticised after the July 2011 bullet train accident; but the officials say that extreme care has been taken to make sure that the incidents won’t repeat. Sufficient inspection mechanisms and emergency response systems have been implemented in case something needs to be addressed immediately.

Source: Economic Times India