The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has started mapping out the guidance and counseling services offered by its associated schools across India. Considering the recent rise in violent incidents against female students in Mumbai, central schools are evaluating their counseling services.

As per a recent circular, issued on December 21, 2012 and shared on the CBSE website, all its affiliated schools have been requested to answer an online questionnaire regarding their counseling services, latest by January 10, 2013.

The CBSEs affiliation by-laws have also instructed schools to hire a full-time counselor. In order to implement and streamline counseling services, the central board has created its questionnaire to record the guidance and counseling services accessible in all CBSE-affiliated schools with the intention of determining the scope and requirements of such services.

As per the circular, during the phases of growth and schooling, a school environment can become extremely complex and can be difficult for many students to navigate. As a result, the student faces a variety of interpersonal, social and emotional problems, which need to be addressed. Regular counseling and guidance can help the child increase his/her capacities and lead to self-actualization.

The board has requested the media to support it in this endeavor. Major newspapers publish columns for questions that deal with various types of problems. The board provides online counseling and tele-counseling free of cost twice a year with the help of trained professional psychologists.
As per a source, several Indian schools do not have full-time counselors and a lot of youngsters are suffering from a wide range of issues such as anger and stress. Such issues can be resolved by proper counseling before they lead to any harmful action.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is the first and probably the only educational board in India, which has been offering psychological counseling services to its affiliated schools since 1998. However, the service until now has been provided by principals and counselors on a voluntary basis.