About CMR Techno Carnival 2K13- CMR Technical Campus Is Organizing “CMR TECHNO CARNIVAL 2K13” With Tag Line “Unleash The Talents” A National Level Student Techno Cultural Fest On 10th & 11th Of Jan 2013. This Event Provides An Opportunity For Technical Interaction Among The Students To Bring Out Their Innovative Ideas And Technical Skills.

Events at CMR Techno Carnival 2K13
MechanicalTechnical Events

• Paper Presentation.
• Tech Quiz (Miz).
• Workshop On Automobile.
• Robotics Games (Robo War, Robo Soccer, Robo Race).
• Prototype Projects.

• Treasure Hunt.
• Traditional Fashion Show.
• Spot Events.
• Contraptions.
Technical Events
• Paper Presentation.
• Project Expo.
• Ethical Hacking & Android Workshop.
• Quizz-Vizz.
• Lan Gaming.
• Spot Events.
• Gadget Expo.
Technical Events
• Aero Modeling Workshop.
• Paper Presentation.
• Aircraft Investigation (Quiz).
• Project Expo.
• 5. Fly Your Plane.
• Paper Graffiti.
• Darts.
• Minute To Win It.
• Brick Lifting.
• Pencil Coin Challenge.
• Separate The Book.
• Juke Box (College Radio).
• Young Manager.
• Add Making.
• Business Bazigar (Quiz).
• Marketing Guru.
• Techno Crafts.
• Jam Session.
• Paper Presentation.
Technical Events
• Paper Presentation
• Workshops – Robotryst (Robotics)
• Mend-A-Circuit
• Electroniz (Quiz)
• Techno Treasure Hunt
• Mini Projects

Non Technical Events
• Short Movie Contest
• Snap Shot Photography
• Electronic Arts Games
• Slinga - Break The Wicket
• Test Your Friend

To know more details about CMR Techno Carnival 2K13, please visit the following link:CMR Techno Carnival 2K13