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Thread: Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

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    Favorite 32 Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

    What are the top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure?

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    Ever since personal computers were invented, I believe the most common problem all users have faced is 'Hard Disk Crash'. I thought of compiling the top reasons why a hard disk may fail. Here are few that came to my mind -

    1. Physical Damage: When you carry your HDD with you, the R/W arm may get dislocated.
    2. File System Corruption: Not sure why this happens though.
    3. Malware / Virus related damage.

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    Re: Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

    Hi...Thanks for your information..

    The above hard disk failure reasons are really very useful for me.because to prevent these type of errors in my system hard disk earlier...

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    Re: Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

    Some of the above reasons of failure can be avoided by using Solid State Drives (SSD). They do not generally suffer due to physical shocks. However, there is a catch and that is they cost much more than normal hard drives.

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    Re: Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

    HI Following are the main reason of hard disk failures:

    1. Firmware Corruption / Damage to the firmware zone
    2. Electronic Failure
    3. Mechanical Failure
    4. Logical Corruption
    5. Surge (high voltage fluctuations)
    6) Extreme vibrations


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