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Thread: Definitions Of Terms Used In Mechanical Industry

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    Favorite 32 Definitions Of Terms Used In Mechanical Industry

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    Reynolds number: It is defined as the ratio of inertia force of a flowing fluid and the viscous force of the fluid.

    Inertia force= Mass*Acceleration of the flowing fluid.= ρ*V*velocity.

    where ρ=density of fluid and V is volume.

    Viscous force= Shear stress*Area= τ*a

    By definition of Reynolds number R=VL/ν.

    Where ν=μ/ρ. Or


    Then there is also Reynolds model law It is a law in which models are based on Reynolds number. These models include

    1.Pipe flow problems
    2.Resistance experienced by submarines, airplanes, fully immersed bodies etc.

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