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Thread: US 4 years medical degree to be reduced to 3 years

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    Information US 4 years medical degree to be reduced to 3 years

    In a bid to reduce the amount of student debt for medical students, various institutes in the US are looking to shorten the medical degree from four years to three years.A group of Universities, including New York University will offer a group of select students, the opportunity to complete medical school in three years rather than the established four.

    A source from one of these universities revealed that the length of the process of receiving a medical degree can often be arduous and tedious for medical students. With this new proposal, these universities hope to change that.

    The problem lies in the basic structure of the course. A medical student will undergo two years of basic science at every medical school. After that there are two years of clinical rotations and finally students, can for a short, gain experience in fields like surgery, pediatrics and various sub specialties of medicine within those last two years.

    Universities are looking to whittle down those two years to one year and follow that with the two years of clinical rotation. This will hopefully, challenge the best students in the program to learn faster and start learning certain subject earlier in the three years.

    From an international perspective, this will make the course and the students highly competitive. It is also a risk to cut the program short by one year. If these courses were to churn out sub standard graduates it would harm the program and the university in question.

    NYU will choose over 10 percent of its class for this new program. The efficacy of the program, however, can only be judged in the next five years. One measure of success will be to see if students obtain the residencies they are aiming for.

    This structure was adopted from German schools in the early 1990ís - at a time when Germany had the best medical schools in the world. However, many universities hold the view that this model is outmoded. As per a source, there is no necessity for two years of basic science, as this amount of time does not give students any measure of mastery over basic science.

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    Re: US 4 years medical degree to be reduced to 3 years

    Its really good information.You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.