Other than the conventional locations to obtain a MBA degree like the US or Europe there are new destinations that offer up an attractive range of reasons to study in. Given below are top 5 countries in the world where a student can get an MBA degree.


Though students have been visiting UK and US for their higher studies mostly to pursue an MBA or MS degree, other countries also offer several options for aspiring students to take up Masters Programs in business management.

While listing out the countries offering courses a student must look into a variety of factors - the quality of educational institutes in the country, its economic situation, infrastructure, visa and immigration processes and companies that are based there.

It is very important for all MBA aspirants to analyze, in detail, about the country and the business school of interest to make sure if the institute is enrolled in suitable program in accordance with their background or not.
Canada, the world 11th richest country, is rich in natural resources and has an economy based on a considerable manufacturing sector in timber, oil and automobiles as well as a developed service sector as well.

Canada is closely connected to the US (United States) both socially and economically and exports most of its manufacturing products to the US because of its proximity with the US.

Moreover, Canada has 2 official linguistic languages- English and French. French is also called as 'lingua franca' in some regions.
Pursuing an MBA from Canada is an advantage mostly because of its location and the various facilities prevalent in the country.

As compared to other countries, Canada has a low population density and MBA students studying in Canada can search for job opportunities and can probably relocate to the country because of its strong economy and open immigration policy.

Canada is home to internationally renowned schools in Toronto and Montreal cities, which are under well known universities with several disciplines.

Moreover, due to its close proximity with the US, it allows students to connect with the US companies and apply for jobs and internships.
The only negative factor about studying in Canada is its severe cold weather during winters and distant locations of few universities.


Dubai is renowned for its luxury and commerce and is also becoming an international hub for business schools. The economic growth in Dubai is making it an attractive destination for executives across the world and it is these professionals that b-schools hope to target.

Several schools from Europe, US and India are establishing campuses in
Dubai for various reasons.

For countries in the western part of the world, these campuses give the students an exposure to Asian and Arab countries, however, for Indian students these campuses provide international platform where students are exposed to international cultures and companies.

Dubai also has set up educational center for such universities where it can share its resources such as libraries; IT services etc. with a host of companies in banking, oil, gas and manufacturing among others, MBA students can pick whichever field that interests them in Dubai.


Other than a famous tourist destination Singapore is also for its shipping, trade and business. Many MNCís (Multi-National Companies) have their headquarters located in Singapore. The country has become a destination for MBA aspirants from Asia mostly because of the countryís close location to many other Asian countries.

Another important reason for its popularity is the international studentís interest in studying in an Asian region, particularly due to Singaporeís recent growth in the past decade. Campuses of famous European and American institutes have been established in Singapore

Moreover, students can take up an MBA from Singapore by spending less money compared to the US and Europe and its neighboring countries, which are also witnessing high growth in the recent past.

Students with trading, manufacturing, IT and banking backgrounds should look to the country to increase their career opportunities in fields like manufacturing, trading, banking and IT.


China has gradually witnessed growth over the past decades and its local businesses have improved by the changes implemented in economic policies in the past 30 years.

The country holds a huge potential for international business prospective. There are around 45 B-Schools in China. However, fluency in Mandarin is a must for working and living in China. Although it is a tough language, learning it can ensure that the benefits are huge.


To get admitted in Indian b-Schools, one has to take up an executive education program with a period of 12 to 18 months. Some of the programs are full time and the rest are full time MBA programs. GMAT, CAT, XAT are some of the entry tickets for admissions to b-Schools amongst others. However, the GMAT can have a slight edge, a few of the advantages of GMAT are - it can be taken in anytime of the year, candidates can take the test multiple times in a year, moreover, GMAT Results are valid for 5 years.

India has courses that suit everyoneís needs. Some schools also offer 1 year full time courses. However, these programs are for those with six or seven years of experience. Some of the best institutes in the country offer part-time courses for those with more than ten years of experience. One of the oldest institutions in county also offers a 2-year long distance course where the students have to participate in live online lectures, twice a week.

The big advantage is that many programs offers candidates with an option of specialization on the 2nd year of study. A student can also leave with a one year diploma if he/she chooses to do so. A lot of courses also offer students the opportunity to go abroad and experience international business culture.

Source: Rediff.com