Hi Fellow FaaDoOs.. FaaDoOEngineers is pleased to present its FaaDoO users with some very exclusive and awesome projects, seminar & presentation ALL FREE OF COST, NO HIDDEN TERMS & CONDITIONS!!

For the First time in India we bring for our users final year projects branchwise.

This is the thread for Index of Electronics engineering projects for final year students, Simply click on the project name to download the project. These Projects and seminars are very comprehensive and believe me if you each of them thoroughly then you will definitely get a FaaDoO Rank in ur exams!!

--Electronics engineering projects for final year students Index--

1. Electronics Project: Sound level meter with audio announcement for library
2. Automatic Street Light Control - Report & Circuit Diagram
3. Mobile Communication Projects for ECE Engineers
4. Project on finger print based atm and locker system for modern secured banks
5. Embedded Project Abstracts
6. Zigbee Based Project: Wireless sensor system PDF
7. Clap switch project report/pdf/ppt download
8. Summer Training Project & Full Report: Analysis of network setup along with server installation and development and implementation of chat server using RMI on the ne
9. Automatic car parking system seminar report/pdf/ppt download
10. A project report on communication antenna switching system based on micro controller
11. Project on inverter pdf/ppt download
12. Seminar Report & Presentation: Adaptive instrument landing system in future air traffic control
13. Autonomous Parallel Parking car - Project Report & Source Code
15. . Electronics Major Project: Image Mosaicing with MATLAB video Instructions and Report
16. GSM Architecture project report PDF Download
17. Security integrated system based on wireless access protocol (Project)
18. Summer Training Full report: Nanotechnology
20. Memristor - The 4th FundamentL Electronic Element Full REPORT Download
21. Face Recognition Using Laplacian Faces - Project Report & Engineering Paper
22. SEMINAR REPORT ON Holographic Versatile Disc
23. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory - Boylestad and Nashelsky
24. . High Speed Data In Mobile Networks PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation
25. Mobile Phone Controlled Robot complete documents