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Thread: UPS battery Test

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    For the testing of any battery following data is required.

    Cuurent Rating - in Ampere Hour.
    Voltage Rating - in Volts.

    Suppose a battery of rating 40 Ah of 12 Volts.

    You connect the load of 40 A to battery and take the voltage reading.

    Voltage should be same during the load and no load. Multimeter must have to show constant reading.

    The given test is not more than 5 seconds.
    If it is not showing constant the battery may be not in full charge condition or may be manufacturing defects.

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    See the ampere hour and voltage of battery.
    Connect any D.C.load and multimeter in its terminals.
    Multimeter must show the same voltage during no load & full load.

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    Re: UPS battery Test

    Check the voltage of Battery with multimeter. Connect load to it terminals. Now check voltage .If it is constant for some time like 5-10 seconds. it is working. if it is not constant. Charge it once by keeping constant voltage across battery. after some hours check it once by doing same as earlier. if even it is not working. battery may damaged.

    note: while testing take care of battery terminals. those terminals should not short. ie., dead short.

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