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Thread: Autonomous Parallel Parking car - Project Report & Source Code

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    Pdf 32 Autonomous Parallel Parking car - Project Report & Source Code

    Abstract: The autonomous vehicle that will be designed by our group will have the ability to manoeuvre itself while avoiding objects in its path, and also have the advanced feature of parallel parking between two objects. There are various objectives that our group will try to fulfil while abiding by certain design constraints. The various objectives requested are a vehicle that can be used indoors and outdoors, having the ability to operate on various terrains, including tile, carpet, and gravel paths. The vehicle should be lightweight and operated with a maximum of two battery packs.

    The design will allow the user to operate the vehicle in an indoor and outdoor environment.
    However, the vehicle will not be able to operate in an environment where the vehicle might get wet due to the susceptibility of the vehicle’s electronics to water damage.

    We have used the Atmega32 Microcontroller in our prototype car. Moreover we have also used three IR sensors to detect obstacles in the path of the car. Data from these sensors is used to park the car.

    The users of the autonomous vehicle are intended to be individuals interested in exploring autonomous functionality of electronics, including but not limited to, students, professors, and toy car manufacturers with the desire to add collision avoidance to toy vehicles. Thus, in today’s time where traffic is increasing every day and so are the problems related to it, like parking, this project can prove to be a helpful tool in dealing with such parking related issues. Our design could also be used by one to enhance his/her knowledge of electronics, in particular the interaction of microcontrollers with peripheral devices such as sensors and motor driver circuits.

    Please find all the project documents attached for download.

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    Re: Autonomous Parallel Parking car - Project Report & Source Code

    Thank you for your post. Can I ask you something??
    I downloaded the files. I was trying to implement the C++ file.
    But I found a error. there is no header files.
    So can you send me the files??

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    Re: Autonomous Parallel Parking car - Project Report & Source Code

    Can you please provide the block diagram of this project? I need it urgently,plz mail it on

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