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Thread: Memristor - The 4th FundamentL Electronic Element Full REPORT Download

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    Doc 32 Memristor - The 4th FundamentL Electronic Element Full REPORT Download

    A memristor (pronounced "memory resistor") is a passive two-terminal circuit element in which the resistance is a function of the history of the current and voltage through the device. Memristor theory was formulated and named by Leon Chua in a 1971 paper.

    On April 30, 2008, a team at HP Labs announced the development of a switching memristor based on a thin film of titanium dioxide. It has a regime of operation with an approximately linear charge-resistance relationship as long as the time-integral of the current stays within certain bounds. devices are being developed for application in nanoelectronic memories, computer logic, and neuromorphic computer architectures.

    You can download the report and PPT by clicking on the attachment link.

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