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Thread: For all engineers

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    For all engineers

    dear friends,
    this is the good web site for all the stuff related to study and technical updation in market........
    i just want to say one thing to all enggineers on this site please don't join the jobs with less money or salary to any where bcoz nowdays in our country and every state of india most of the engineering colleges are available so as to thinking of people is " engineering is common and engineer is common an available all where" because of this we are not getting respect from peoples if we compare enginner of 1990.
    so please don't join the job in less salary and do our work continue for quality.

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    Re: for all engineers

    yeah dis is true!!!.......don't go for less salary..............U hv knowledge det go for quality job where ur talent is actually required and respected throughout....bcoz ur skills are unique and impotant

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    Re: For all engineers

    Tell me where do we get high salary and how?We have to eat food so we need to earn for this...and till when should we sit unemployed?this way we would not get a job for years...

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    Re: For all engineers

    I usually don't write on such subjects but then it can't be helped, now that you ask.

    The real problem is not that engineers are bad but very few engineers are good. Not only is an engineering course more difficult than other courses but there is an additional problem of competition by numbers. There are more engineers than the requirement. In other words the demand is definitely less than supply.

    Assuming you buy a Samsung smartphone but leave the HTC or an LG. Why ? Simply because Samsung sells in numbers. There is more confidence in the company because it outperforms all other smartphone manufacturers. This is competition. The unfortunate but true fact of life is that the Survival of the Fittest theory always holds.

    You have so many engineering colleges in the country that the job market just can't keep up with it. Besides, the quality of engineers is questionable. You can read the report on placements here on the blog by aspiring minds. They have revealed a fact that will almost shock you. Less than 3% of engineers are actually employable in core industries in the private sectors where the salary is high. In fact, most companies don't even come to the rest of the colleges except the IITs/NITs and BITS.. etc. They know they will not find the right talent.

    You have to be good if you want a good salary. Problem is that academics are just not enough to make you ready for the job. Did you know that companies put you on a training program for half a year before you actually start working independently ? That is because you have to learn the ropes of the trade. Which is simply not taught in schools. The ones who take their internships and short term courses seriously are the only ones who get the edge.

    That is not to say that only those graduating from the cream of colleges get the dream jobs. If you have performed well in your course then no matter what the college, now you have the advantage of services. I'm talking about tests like the e-litmus and AMCAT. These are the tests that put you on a level playing field with the IITians or NITians. These are national level tests for jobs. Do prepare for them seriously and trust me you WILL get a high paying job. If, for example you are a B.Tech CSE and you manage to get a good CGPA around 8 and then a good rank in e-litmus then say, you can get placed in Google, Amazon, Adobe..etc at around 8-10 lakh p.a.

    Alternatively, if you are not interested in the private sector(which pays high salaries) then you can go for the PSUs which also pay you around 7-8 lakh p.a. You have to write GATE and get a good rank for that. But once you do it then life really is easy because there is no pressure unlike the private sector where you have to constantly perform. There are lot of perks in the government sector which fetches you a good amount of money.

    There are other routes but none pays as much as the IT sector. Some emerging areas are Mobile, Security, BigData...So, its true that you should hunt for a high paying job because you are worth it but you should also know the competition. You can even start small first and then make your way into the elite club of high earners but if you want to start with a high paying job then you have to be the best.

    Good Luck my Friends and All The Best
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