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Thread: UC Browser 7.7 Change the Mobile Browser Landscape

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    UC Browser 7.7 Change the Mobile Browser Landscape

    Turbo speed, up to 90% of the traffic charge saving and the super download manager are always the key highlights from the users of UC Browser, a mobile browser released its 1st version in 2004, by leveraging the cloud computing technology, which is 15 month ahead of opera mini.

    The new release of UC Browser’s latest version, UC Browser 7.7 once again changed the user behavior and the mobile browser world landscape with its user experience oriented feature, another 30% increase of the speed, better page rendering for WAP 2.0 page and the speed dial help users go to their favorite site with just one click.

    Last 3 years, UCWeb’s number of employee has grown by 15 times, now reached more than 800, and in Jan, 2010 UC Browser started to explore the international market. Now UC Browser is not only the No.1 browser in China, but also copied the way of success globally, especially in India and Southeast Asia.

    After half a month of the newly release, UC Browser 7.7 made big voice among the mobile internet users, the market stats grows significantly.
    Another 1,000,000 new users became fans of UC Browser because of UC’s fascinating features.
    Page View grows by 25%, thanks to the user oriented improvement, which make the user experience even better, hence users want to browse more.
    The user base of UC Browser in India come to 10 million, and takes 20% of the market share, which is very close to the old branded mobile browser Opera Mini.

    If you can't install, please try Java Unsigned Version, or visit

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    Re: UC Browser 7.7 Change the Mobile Browser Landscape

    UC is good but i think bolt is better browser. ofc opera mini too.

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    Re: UC Browser 7.7 Change the Mobile Browser Landscape

    UC is good only for downloading, actually it is best in case of downloading.
    But opera mini is best overall, and in uc language problem also there, i always see Chinese Google, some settings and about UC is also comes in Chinese. waiting for official English version.

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