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Thread: 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

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    Favorite 32 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

    8051 controller is the basic micro controller that the electronics student might study in almost all courses. Here is a Microsoft power point presentation (.ppt) that describes the the 8051 in a whole.

    The presentation includes :

    8051 microcontroller architecture

    Pin details
    General Block Diagram
    Internal Block Diagram
    Memory structure
    Internal RAM structure
    Register bank structure
    Special function register (SFR)

    8051 Hardware features
    Timer modes
    Serial port
    Serial port modes
    External memory interfacing
    External RAM & ROM interfacing

    8051 Programming
    Instruction sets
    Arithmetic Operation Group
    Logical Operation Group
    Data Transfer Group
    Boolean Variable Manipulation Group
    Program Branching Group

    Microcontroller Interfacing Chips
    8255 Programmable perpheral interface (PPI)
    8253 Programmable interval timer
    8279 Programmable Keyboard / Display Interface
    8251 Programmable Communication Interface

    Applications of microcontroller 8051
    Stepper Motor Control
    Matrix Keyboard
    Dynamic 7 Segment Display
    Analog to Digital converter
    DC Motor Control
    LCD Display
    Serial Data Transfer

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    Re: 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

    Nice share.. very useful indeed.. Thanks!

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    Re: 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

    thankssss faadoo

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    Re: 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

    i found it...thank u..

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    Re: 8051 Microcontroller Presentation

    Thanks sir...Nice ppt

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