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Post: MBA Finance And Accounts Ebook-Lecture Notes-PDF Download
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MBA Finance And Accounts Ebook-Lecture Notes

Please download the attached file for complete syllabus of MBA Finance And Accounts.

The topics covered in the ebooks are.

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Trial Balance
  3. Final Accounts
  4. Depreciation accounting
  5. Financial accounting statement
  6. Fund flow statement
  7. Ratio analysis
  8. Cash flow statement analysis
  9. Preparation of cost statement
  10. Budgetary control
  11. Marginal Costing
  12. Financial management
  13. Value of money
  14. Sources of long time benefit
  15. Capital market development in India
  16. Serbs in capital management system
  17. India financial system
  18. Capital Budgeting
  19. Risk and return
  20. Leverage analysis
  21. Cost of capital
  22. Working Capital Management
  23. Capital structure theories
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