The opening of the new Denver International Airport (DIA) in February 1995 was a day of celebration for Colorado citizens but it was certainly the end of a traumatic period for the information technology industry. DIA was planned to be the largest airport in the United States, to serve 110.000.000 passengers annually by 2020, to handle 1750 flights daily through 200 gates and 12 operating runways. Operations at DIA were delayed by 16 months, mainly due to the failure of the software-based baggage handling system, causing estimated total losses of $2 billion. Moreover, the baggage handling system finally put into service was substantially downscaled in comparison to the system originally specified. Although several other colossal failures of software systems unfortunately have been recorded since 1995, the failure of IT technology at DIA was especially traumatic to the profession, whether due to the scale of the losses or the public interest and criticism it raised.